WENKO Multi-STOP® - small, but wow!

This global innovation for windows and doors is more than your average door stopper. The Multi-STOP® from WENKO puts an end to slamming windows and doors, even when the wind is blowing through the house. Its clever, flexible shape means it slots easily into door gaps and window openings of different widths and heights.

Award - Best Product of the Year 2015/16

The specialist jury of the Plus X Award named the WENKO Multi-STOP® the "Best Product of the Year 2015/2016"! This outstanding award for the Multi-STOP® was given for two categories: design and functionality. The Plus X Award is now the world's biggest innovation prize for technology, sports and lifestyle. The prerequisites for the award are that the product must be good quality, functional and modern. So you can be sure that the Multi-STOP® from WENKO is an innovative, clever, award-winning product with a seal of quality. The WENKO Multi-STOP® is more than just a normal door stopper. A small yet indispensable all-rounder in the household which is flexible and versatile to use with a range of different functions.

Door stopper

This WENKO Multi-STOP® is a real all-rounder which cannot just be used as a door stopper. The handle of the door stopper prevents finger injuries when fitting or removing the Multi-STOP® and also provides good visibility to prevent tripping.

Variable door stopper

The clever, flexible design of the WENKO Multi-STOP® means it fits into door gaps of different heights. Because of its size, the Multi-STOP® can easily be fitted to thick doors.

Finger protection

Fitted next to the handle, the WENKO Multi-STOP® provides safe protection for fingers large and small and gives parents peace of mind when the children are unsupervised for a moment.

Wall buffer

The WENKO Multi-STOP® serves as a buffer between the handle and the wall to prevent unsightly scratches and marks on valuable wallpaper or smooth plaster.

Window stopper for tipped windows

Annoyed by slamming doors and windows? The WENKO Multi-STOP® provides the ideal solution to this annoying problem and holds windows tipped open.

Window stopper for open windows

The WENKO Multi-STOP® holds windows open and ensures more safety in the home. Children and animals are no longer frightened or even injured by doors and windows slamming because of draughts.

Multi-functionality and safety at home

The WENKO - Multi-STOP® in red, blue, green or grey is the perfect solution for those who want to hold open a window or door. Be it holding a door open to carry in the weekend shopping, for cleaning of hallways and windows or to ventilate your own four walls. The possible applications of the Multi-STOP® are very diverse. It wedges windows and doors completely securely, stopping them from slipping. The durable plastic material of the Multi-STOP® ensures that doors and fixtures are not damaged when secured. Whether it is used a window or door buffer; as a subservient spirit dealing with all aspects of safety and convenience, the Multi-STOP has a rightful place in every household by offering significantly more functions than a conventional doorstopper - and a patent is already pending.

WENKO Multi-STOP® - an indispensable all-rounder in the household

The WENKO Multi-STOP® is flexible and versatile to use with a range of different functions. The small but indispensable all-rounder is available in bright red or green, but also in a subtile blue or gray.

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