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WENKO Living - decorating ideas for your home

Do you belong to those who believe that the home is an important place to live, a place for family and social encounter? To improve your comfort, WENKO developing many innovative accessories and sleek design, which offer your home additional facilities and efficient organization.

Storage space for your home

Do you spend also too much time on searching? For an object, a piece of clothing or just for a suitable storing place for it? With WENKO you can save a lot of time and space - you just have to choose the right system. You can organize your living room, the bedroom or your dressing room with a variety of mobile wardrobes, storage boxes, clothes racks and a lot of space saver.

Home accessories are essential

WENKO accessories create a pleasant atmosphere and enhance the comfort visible. With stand and wall wardrobes, matching hangers and stylish newspaper collector of warm wood tones you prove your sense for beauty and taste. Beside wood felt is one of the popular natural materials. A lot of things of everyday life are made by the rugged material. The color palette is varied - in spring and summer, felt is shown in fresh colors like green, sunny yellow and orange. Warm browns create a pleasant living environment in the winter. So be inspired by the variety of ideas and create your individual style.

Here you will find our wide range of living ideas