Laundry nets for sport, travel and laundry care

Protection for delicate and valuable clothing

DBuying functional sportswear, expensive clothes and posh underwear can cost a fair bit. So it is all the more important to preserve the life of the materials for as long as possible by looking after them properly. Regular washing in particular damages delicate materials and leads to wear and loss of functionality. To preserve the looks and functionality of modern textiles for a long time, it is worth thinking about proper cleaning before washing. As well as using the right detergent and the right programme, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to preserve the life of your clothes and effectively avoid common washing errors.

DOs and DON'Ts of washing delicate materials


  • Wash functional and sports clothing separately from other clothing at a maximum temperature of 40°C
  • Straighten functional clothing before washing
  • All zips and Velcro should be closed
  • Delicate clothes and functional clothing should ideally be washed in specially designed laundry bags to prevent damage
  • Use low spin speed and little detergent


  • Never wash functional clothing with fabric softener
  • Do not tumble dry delicate clothing
  • Do not iron functional clothing
  • Do not load the washing machine drum too full
  • Do not leave wet laundry lying around

Laundry nets protect delicate clothing

In order to minimise strain on the materials during machine washing and wash delicate textiles and valuable functional clothing really gently, it is recommended that laundry nets are used at all times. The full range of WENKO laundry nets includes Sport, Travel, Underwear and Care to provide all-round protection for your favourite items of clothing. The laundry nets are available in various sizes and designs and can hold up to five kilos of laundry. WENKO laundry nets are also fitted with a zip closure. This provides optimum protection for your clothing in the drum and prevents the net opening accidentally during washing. The laundry is simply placed in the net, which is then closed and then placed in the washing machine. Each net is specifically designed for the items in question, with sorting hooks for socks, a handy shoe shape with padding for shoes and bra nets with built-in plastic cups to keep the bras in shape. The "Organizer" laundry nets are perfect for travel, as they can organise your suitcase and then be thrown straight into the washing machine.

Looked after functional clothing looks better and lasts longer

Special functional clothing is very popular, especially among those who are active in sports: it is lightweight and comfortable to wear and leaves no wetness on the skin, even during activities which produce a real build-up of sweat. Virtually all sport these days involves functional clothing. In order to increase the life of functional clothing, we at WENKO have special Premium laundry nets which are designed to meet the particular care requirements of sports clothing and, in particular, functional clothing. The dual-layer cylindrical laundry nets provide sufficient space and protection for the textiles. The fine internal network protects the material and the coarser external net allows ideal rinsing and cleaning. The large opening makes it easy to fill the laundry net.

WENKO laundry nets, perfect protection for your laundry

The full range not only protects delicate underwear, functional clothing and fluffy blankets but provides a perfect travel organiser.

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