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How to find a suitable ironing board

Ironing in a flash - with a gentle swing, yet fast. Who doesn’t want to save time and effort? A suitable ironing board just as much belongs to the standard ironing equipment as a good iron or steam ironing station, to make sure that ironing doesn’t turn into an ordeal. But how do you find a suitable ironing board? And what criteria do you need to consider when buying one?

Ironing boards differ, which is why buying one involves deliberation and the consideration of a few factors before making a decision. Irrespective of your ironing habits, whether your belong to the people who iron regularly or only as necessary, everyone knows what a difference the comfort a modern ironing board makes, providing a more pleasant working environment and saving time.

Modern ironing boards save lots of time

Design is an important factor here because it pays off to have an ironing board that is easy to transport and just as easy to assemble. Particularly if the ironing board is only put up temporarily as needed for space reasons. It is also important to have a stable ironing board, because a wobbly board makes ironing unnecessarily difficult, frays your nerves and also poses risks. Below you will find criteria to consider when buying an ironing board:

Large ironing surface

A large and broad ironing surface makes ironing particularly pleasant and much easier. In particular large items of laundry can be ironed much more easily and in a lot less time.


The ironing board should be height-adjustable for ergonomic working, so that comfortable ironing both standing up and sitting down is possible. Tall people should make sure that the ironing board has a height of about one metre to enable a comfortable posture while ironing.

Safe cable guidance

The integrated cable guidance directs the lead of the iron upwards, so that it is not in the way or on the fabrics when ironing. Ironing becomes more pleasant and safer.

Integrated socket

The ironing board has an integrated socket. This provides for extremely flexible ironing and prevents accidents. In addition it provides you with more convenience if the wall socket is not easily reachable.

Comfortable padding

Comfortable padding ensures gentle, crease-free ironing. Modern ironing board covers are made of cotton and are equipped with foam padding of up to 10 mm.

Additional laundry shelf

A practical laundry shelf offers the possibility of quickly setting down the ironed laundry. For fast and efficient space creation.

WENKO ironing boards - Ironing like the professionals

Whether for a single flat or a large family, the comprehensive Wenko range offers ironing boards for all requirements and any taste. Wenko ironing boards are equipped with attractive additional functions, which make ironing particularly effective and comfortable.

Here you will find an overview of all WENKO ironing boards

WENKO ironing boards with the test result"Good"

In a test with 11 other ironing boards, the WENKO ironing boards Professional and Value were given the test result “Good” by the ETM consumer magazine for house and garden.

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