STATIC-LOC - Adhesive strenght through static loading

The new STATIC-LOC system provides an easy solution without drilling to attach hooks and hook rails in bathrooms and kitchens. The STATIC-LOC hooks adhere by static loading and provide strong hold on plan surfaces. They can be directly loaded and can be removed without leaving residues. Wenko offers a wide range of wall hooks, hook strips and also a decorative series of bath baskets in trendy colors.

Fixing without drilling for bath and kitchen

Adhesive hooks are booth space-saving and decorative universal geniuses that no household should be without. Small butt effective profit items that you really should hook-up with. WENKO has continuously engaged for years with fixing solutions without drilling and has developed with its innovative and space-saving fixing systems to the market leader. The STATIC-LOC system, offers a solution to attach wall hooks and hook brails without screwing and drilling.

The installation of the STATIC-LOC System is done in four easy steps.

Static-Loc Fixing without drilling

Step 1: Clean the surface

The surfaces to be glued must first be cleaned with a clean, damp cloth. It is important that the surface is completely dry and free of grease, especially in the attachment. Therefore, no bath or household cleaners should be used for pre-cleaning.

Step 2: Remove the protective film

Please remove the protective foil before fixing and attach the adhesive pad under firm pressure. Due to static loading, the Static-Loc adhere directly.

Step 3: Fix the special adhesive pads

The STATIC-LOC can be immediately loadable after fixing. The hooks are water-resistant and proves particularly in wet areas, under the shower or in the kitchen as useful accessories.

Static-Loc Fixing without drilling

Step 4: Adhesive strength on plan surfaces

If necessary, the STATIC-LOC wall hooks are easily removable from the wall without leaving any residue.

STATIC-LOC for kitchen and bath

Find decorative and space-saving range of STATIC-LOC wall hooks for the kitchen and the bathroom. All are fixed easily without drilling, screwing or plugging.

Here you find our STATIC-LOC items