Fixing without drilling in the kitchen

Practical kitchen accessories are part of every household! For this reason, WENKO has continuously engaged for years with fixing solutions without drilling and has emerged with its innovative and space-saving fixing systems to the market leader. The fixing systems offer a wide range of space saving ideas and arrange kitchen accessories in proper order.

Static-Loc Fixing without drilling

STATIC-LOC - Adhesive strenght through static loading

The Static-Loc hooks keep their adhesive strenght through static loading and offer strong hold on plain surfaces. They can be directly loaded, can be repositioned again and again and can be removed without leaving residues.

TURBO-LOC - Solid adhesive power for all smooth surfaces

The TURBO-LOC system offers a solution which simplifies the installation of regulatory and shelving systems in the kitchen. The special-adhesive pad is attached to the surface very easily. It offers immediately an extremely strong hold on all smooth and slightly uneven surfaces. Towel rail, corner shelves and hairdryer holders can be easily fixed without drilling, screwing or plugging.