Just shiny - kitchen gadgets with color & function

Do you belong to the kind of people, for whom the kitchen is the focal point of life? WENKO offers a diverse selection of clever kitchen accessories that your enjoyment already begins during cooking. Our kitchen ideas simplify your kitchen work, create additional storage space and structure which always good-looking.

Kitchen order systems that save space and time

Whether you know it from experience or from culinary stories: The kitchen has always been more than a simple cooking place and dining area. It is the heart of the household, which often collects many different utensils for your daily tasks. Therefore WENKO offers practical kitchens systems for additional structure and storage space. Shelves, kitchen trolleys or cupboard rondells use the available space perfectly inside and outside the cabinets. Everything can be stowed but is readily to hand.

Useful and good-looking kitchen helpers

Even if work in kitchen is not counted to your favorite activities, with the WENKO kitchen gadgets and accessories you will change your option quickly. We offer clever ideas that make it easier for you, for example, to cook, to bake, to wash the dishes or to storage your favourite dinnerware.  the spectrum extends from necessities, such as garbage and pedal bins, via utilities such as glass covers in non-breakable safety glass, to modern accessories such as dish soap dispensers in the latest colors.

But WENKO also offers a lot of small kitchen helpers as hooks, soap dispenser, sink deposits and pedal bins. They combine timeless design in trendy colors with practical shrewdness for easy handling in kitchen.

Here you will find our wide range of kitchen accessories