Trendy designs for the sink and washbasin

Due to the multitude of designs, Pluggy drain plugs from WENKO enjoy a high degree of popularity, as they can be used in almost any household. Whether young or old – there is a motif or funny slogan for any taste, which highlights any sink or washbasin. Whether just for fun, as a gift or for individual bathroom design, the cool washbasin plug is simply a trendy eye-catcher that even convinces people that don’t really do mornings. So each Pluggy welcomes you each morning with a cool slogan or motif that is guaranteed to make you smile and put you in a good mood.

Pluggy - robust and reliable

Pluggy drain plugs are hand-made and coated with artificial resin. The edge has a sophisticated chrome-plated design. The respective design is attached using a permanent high-adhesion special adhesive, providing unlimited hold. Pluggys are therefore robust and reliable, ensuring that the clear motif does not yellow or crack even after years of use. Due to the height-adjustable base of the Pluggys, adjustable between 6 and 8 cm and with a diameter of 4 cm, the drain plug fits into all conventional sinks and washbasins with an eccentric assembly. A rubber-coated sealing ring situated at the top of the plug ensures perfect functionality when plugging the sink or washbasin. The base of the Pluggy drain plug is made of an easy-to-clean plastic.

Pluggy drain plugs maintain their shine and brilliant colours even after being subjected to common household cleaning agents and oils, and have a high resistance to temperature (- 40°C to 120°C) and UV radiation.