Sustainability & Environmental awareness

Today, sustainability and environmental awareness are central topics of our society. Our responsibility to the environment and the society in which we operate and sustainability are essential components of our economic success and firmly integrated into our business processes. We at Wenko aim to particulary offer products that have been made with these issues in mind, while still maintaining excellent quality and innovative functionality.

Brand with promise of quality

The WENKO name has been synonymous with innovative, creative and intelligent product solutions that meet the individual need and wishes of the customer and make life a bit easier each day. We attach great importance to the special in our products. Good handling, thoughtful concepts and exceptional design. That is our promise that we make every day. Therefore, we have not only the highest standards of quality and safety of our products, but at the same time we pay attention to the social and environmental conditions under which they are producing.

Product quality, functionality and processing

Quality processes begin at our headquarters in Hilden. According to our requirements for product safety, functionality and processing, our quality assurance checks every product intensively before its market launch. During the development process, we ensure the compliance with our quality requirements and standards of our production processes. Our products are tested extensively in our own testing laboratories or in external test institutes.