Received award of the EU Business news magazine

WENKO wins “the triple”

For others, to win of a triple is hard and long work, WENKO succeeds all at once: The well-known magazine “EU business news” awards WENKO with the German Business Award:

1. Best Kitchen Accessory Provider 2017

2. Best Bath Accessory Provider 2017

3. Excellence in Household Product Designs 2017

Thanks to a rigorous award procedure in which the achievements of the tested companies are evaluated in regard to innovation, methods and in comparison to their competitors over the course of 12 month, the EU business news research team determines the country’s best companies and awards them annually. “We are proud to be more successful than some football clubs and to win three times at once.” says WENKOs CEO Niklas Köllner with a twinkle in his eyes. “This award again emphasises what differentiates us from our competitors: innovative strength, own designs and our full range.” Köllner sums up.


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