WENKO - The Better Idea

That is our company name, company motto, resolution, content, and ambition. Our products are more than “just” practical and attractive. We also place the greatest importance on that special something in our products. Good handling, mature concepts, and last not least extraordinary design all characterise the WENKO products. The creative standards, which not only design the outer appearance, but also the “inner values”, providing the practical core of each and every one of our products, come from many different people.

"Ideas are born of situations, mature inside heads, slumber on memos and are then at some time finally brought to light."

WENKO implements good ideas, constantly optimising processes and supporting all those whose ideas are turned into products. No matter whether a supplier on the other side of the world comes up with a brilliant idea, the product manager in Hilden corrects, re-thinks and shapes, a customer has a new suggestion or well-known pencil-equipped WENKO product designers make a new find – the results are always worth seeing and experiencing. All of these numerous and versatile influences contribute to giving our products their own unique character that makes them the “Better Idea”.


Everyday life is the best generator of ideas

We were only able to become one of the best-known and most competent providers by continuously integrating new ideas and wishes in our contemplations. To become a provider who not only knows the market, but who also decisively shapes it world-wide with more than 320 patents and trademark rights over the last two years. Our products can be found worldwide in well-established mail-order companies, in all well-known DIY stores, in almost all department stores, shopping centres and supermarkets, in a growing number of furniture stores and in a multitude of online shops. Everyday life brings prompts the best ideas, and all 350 WENKO employees work Europe-wide with enthusiasm and creativity in line with that motto, in the hope of awakening your interest in the origination and development of our products.